Why should I shop at local independently owned businesses?
  • 1. Puts more dollars back into your community
  • 2. Creates and preserves local jobs
  • 3. Preserves what makes your neighborhood unique
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Local Businesses vs. national chains provide better:

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10 Reasons to donate to Local First Chicago

As we count down to the New Year, we're also counting down to the end of our fiscal year - and your chance to support Local First Chicago in this tax year!  So here's a top-10 countdown list of reasons to make a donation to our organization today. 

10) We're local!  We promise to spend the money right here in Chicago! 

9)  We do good work.  This year we launched our new line of Buy Local buttons, bumper stickers, and T-shirts; consulted to business groups around Chicagoland about their Buy Local campaigns; held an educational event about how climate change is affecting Chicago businesses; partnered with Bolstr to promote the local holiday gift guide; partnered with IMEC and the Chicago Reader on Made in Chicago marketing; printed and distributed 3000+ "shop local" posters; churned out gobs of Facebook posts, tweets, and e-newsletters to publicize Buy Local events; and lots more to build this important movement. 

8)  We're appreciative!  We really are thankful for a donation of any size!  A gift of $15 to celebrate 2015 would make is happy.  A gift of $15,000 to celebrate 2015 would make us unbelievably ecstatic to the point where we would instantly get in the car or buy a plane ticket to come to wherever you are on the planet to personally give you a hug.  Try us.  We dare you.  (any amount in between those figures is great too!)

7)  We're small!  You're not supporting some giant monstrosity of an organization - it's just one staff person, two interns, and a board of directors.  We're a nonprofit you can relate to!  :)

6)  Being generous to a good cause makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Try it, it works! 

5)  Your mom would be proud of you, too, for doing something nice!

4)  It's tax-deductible - we're a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

3)  Everyone else is doing it!  Well, ok, not everyone.  Unfortunately.  But other people give us money.  And they're really smart.  So you might as well do it too!

2)  We're nice people.  Really.  We like puppies and kittens, and babies, and rainbows, and we'd let you in front of us when you're trying to change lanes.  We're good like that. 

1)  Just like your local bakery - we "knead" the dough!  :) 



Thank you for joining us to build new Chicago traditions that strengthen our economy, expand employment and nurture a sense of community.

We are taking our campaign year-round! "Eat, Drink & Buy Local 365"! Together we are working to keep millions of dollars in Chicago. Based on studies of similar efforts, it is likely we will generate 2-3 times as much economic activity in our community than we would if we spent our money at national chains.

Chicago is a city of vibrant neighborhoods rich with character. By shopping local year-round, you experience Chicago's unique flavors and textures while supporting our city's local living economy.